Organising Chaos is a diabetic accessories brand for type 1 and type 2 diabetics. Offering products to make managing diabetes a little easier and look more fabulous. 

My name is Claire and I am the face behind Organising Chaos. I have been type 1 diabetic for over 21 years. I always felt disconnected and alone with my diabetes management and went through my teenage and adolescent years rebelling against it. I didn't own a test machine, I rarely injected and when I did it was a wild guess. A few years ago I started on my journey from Diabad to Diabadass and it felt like being diagnosed all over again. In 2017 I came across a few diabetic Instagram accounts and I began to follow their diabetes journeys through the highs and lows. It made me feel less alone and  want to connect with them to share my diabetic life. So I began a type 1 Instagram page and then started my blog. 

The idea for a store actually began years ago when my Aunty Patsy and I had a dream to start a business together. My Aunty Patsy, was diagnosed with sarcoidosis around the same time I was diagnosed with T1D. She was my support and inspiration! Her immune system attacked her tissue and organs and mine attacked my beta cells. We could relate to each other as we both suffered with the highs and lows, which sometimes others find hard to understand. Sadly she passed away a few years ago before we could make our dream of having a business together a reality.

She was the inspiration for the name Organising Chaos!  She was a self-confessed hoarder and to the outside world a very messy person but she always said she lived in Organised Chaos. Diabetes can be pretty chaotic at times but OC products aim to make is a little easier; Organising your diabetic Chaos.
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