Founded in 2018, Organising Chaos was born out of a lack of cute accessories out there for diabetics. With over 25 years of first-hand experience as a type one diabetic, Claire set out on a mission to transform the way we perceive diabetes and embrace it. We believe that managing your diabetes should never hinder your spirit or style - it should be an opportunity to shine even brighter. Claire's personal experience as a diabetic fuels the heart and soul of Organising Chaos. The daily dance with blood sugar levels, the intricate web of carb calculations, and the endless moments of resilience have inspired us to create accessories that not only brighten but also organize and add a touch of delight to the chaos that can come with diabetes management.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple yet powerful – to offer a range of accessories that not only brighten and decorate diabetes but also serve as reminders of your strength, resilience, and that your diabetes journey is truly unique. Organising Chaos Shop offers playful diabetes pins and badges, to elegant bracelets that wrap your wrist in diabetes pride, every accessory we create is designed with love and deep understanding of the diabetes experience.

Why choose Organising Chaos?

When you choose Organising Chaos, you're choosing more than just accessories, you're choosing to embrace a philosophy of turning challenges into opportunities. Our products are designed to be your reliable companions, offering you practical solutions and a daily dose of positivity. By choosing us, you're becoming a part of a community that values empowerment, resilience, and the vibrant spirit that comes from embracing diabetes chaos with a smile.


Organsing Chaos was recognised for the Most Innovative in Medical Awareness Products by Prestige Innovation and Excellence Awards 2022 by Corporate LiveWire for providing accessories to diabetics all across the world.


Redefine how we perceive diabetes and embrace it!

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We invite you to join the oc club so Together, we can celebrate the victories, find beauty in the challenges, and adorn ourselves with accessories that inspire us to keep organising the chaos of diabetes with flair and confidence.

Let's decorate diabetes, one accessory at a time!