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Would you check your blood glucose 288 times a day?
I regularly get messages asking about CGMs, the MiaoMiao and especially being able to see  your blood glucose on your watch.
What I love about the Dana rs insulin pump... (Jan 2020)
I never wanted a tubed pump but because I didn't have a great experience with the Omnipod (read here) I needed to find a pump that better suited me. After attending their bloggers event in Berlin in 2018, I really wanted the Kaleido, but I had already...
The Omnipod is a great pump, just not great for me! (Dec 2019)
If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know, growing up I was taught to believe that pumps were for bad diabetics. My doctor used to threaten he would put me on a pump if I didn't get my diabetes under control. As a kid/teenager, I couldn't think...
"You May End Up Losing Your Sight!" (Oct 2019)
I remember my scary diabetic consultant as a kid hammering the risk of diabetic complications so hard into my brain that I figured it was inevitable that I would lose a limb, my sight or my life from diabetic complications. But when I reached my teenage...
Travelling with type one diabetes can take a little bit more preparation and for some can be quite a daunting experience. So I thought I would share a few of my diabetes travel essentials.