Coping mechanisms to avoid diabetes burnout

Coping  mechanisms to avoid diabetes burnout

This blog post was requested by one of my very close diabuddies! I regularly describe myself as on the edge of burnout, because ever since I came out of my 10 year burnout and started my journey from diabad to diabadass I vowed never to let myself slip into that dark place again. Here are some of the mechanisms I use to avoid diabetes burnout:

RESET: I take it back to basics and use a diary to log my blood glucose, carbohydrate and insulin. I find it great for accountability and getting back on track with carb counting and taking the correct doses. Some people chose to use apps but I use a blood glucose diary like @plottitout

SELF-CARE: I take some time out for myself and practice self care. Self care is different for everyone. But I love to take a long hot bath, read a good book, watch a series or movie or do something creative. Taking time out for yourself is important and really helps when it comes to blood sugar control.

THINK: I remind myself of the diabetic related complications and the horrible laser I had for background retinopathy. I think of all I've already put my body through and how awful I used to feel before I took care of myself! It's important not to let these thoughts consume me, but it is good to think about these things to help me get back on track.

EXERCISE: This a new found concept for me... Exercising to feel good and be healthy and not to lose weight! Going for a swim or taking a walk with the Diahubby & Bolus (my Cavapoochon puppy) are great stress relievers and do wonders for my bgs. I also find that doing a pilates class or meditation really helps to connect with myself and focus.

ACCEPTANCE: Knowing that it is okay not to be okay! It's alright to have a high blood sugar now and then. Not having perfect blood sugars does not make you a bad diabetic!