Insulin Pump Recommendations

Insulin Pump Recommendations

As someone who transitioned from insulin injections to insulin pumps after two decades, I understand the importance of finding the right fit for your lifestyle and diabetes management needs. Having tried both the Omnipod and my current pump, the Dana RS, I've realised that each pump comes with its own set of pros and cons. To provide a comprehensive overview, I reached out to my diabuddies for their experiences with various insulin pump options. Here's what we discovered:

Omnipod 5:

Pros: Fully automated, tubeless design, waterproof, discreet.

Cons: Limited cannula options, holds 200 units only, requires a separate PDM.


Pros: Compatible with CAM APS closed loop, lightweight, discreet, controlled by phone, easily refillable.

Cons: Holds 160 units only, current stock shortage in the UK.


Pros: Control iQ - Hybrid Closed Loop, rechargeable battery, fully integrated with Dexcom.

Cons: Heavier than some pumps, cannot be remotely controlled in the UK, higher targets.


Pros: Controlled with phone, loop functionality, compatible with Apple Watch.

Cons: Bulkier than some pumps, limited integration with non-Medtronic CGM.


Pros: Controlled with phone, smartwatch connection, tubeless, waterproof, closed-loop system.

Cons: Requires Medtrum CGM, mixed reviews, rumoured issues.

Dana I:

Pros: Closed-loop system, lightweight, controlled by phone, compatible with CAM APS & Android APS.

Cons: Lesser-known brand, outdated interface, complicated site changes.

It's evident that each insulin pump offers unique features and functionalities, catering to diverse user preferences and needs. While some prioritise automation and discretion, others may value integration with CGM systems or closed-loop capabilities. Ultimately, the best pump for you depends on factors such as lifestyle, insulin requirements, and personal preferences.

Before making a decision, I recommend consulting with your healthcare team and fellow diabetics and do your research to gather insights and experiences. Together, we can navigate the world of insulin pumps and find the right solution to empower us in managing our diabetes journey effectively.

Remember, the journey to finding the perfect insulin pump may involve some trial and error, but with support from our diabuddies and healthcare professionals, we can make informed decisions that enhance our quality of life.


Stay empowered, stay informed, and keep advocating for your diabetes needs. We're in this together!