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Organising Chaos' Journey
Embracing the Journey: Why Diabetes Management Isn't One Size Fits All
Living with diabetes is like embarking on a lifelong journey filled with twists, turns, and unexpected detours. As someone who has navigated this road for decades, I've come to understand one crucial truth: diabetes management is not one size fits all....
Featured in Pick Me Up January Special
We are proud to be featured again in Pick Me Up Magazines' January Special. You can check out the full article below about my diabetes journey, how I went from neglecting my diabetes to accepting it and turning it into Organising Chaos
Losing the baby we never had (March 2021)
Trying to conceive isn’t simple when you are type 1 diabetic! There's a lot more preparation before you even start trying to conceive. Ideally your HbA1c should be below 6.5% and you should be on 5mg of folic acid before conception. Sounds simple right?...