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5 to Drive - Driving Safely Precautions & Tips
Driving Safely with Insulin-Treated Diabetes: Precautions and Essential Tips
Owning Your Diabetes Tech with Confidence
In a world that sometimes stares, I've learned that my diabetes tech isn't something to hide – it's a badge of strength.
HbA1c Conversion Chart
I still can't get used to the new double digit numbers! Any other diabetic veterans need a conversion chart like me?
Why you should wear a medical alert as a diabetic
Wearing or carrying a medical alert, is important for people with diabetes because it can provide potentially life-saving information in case of an emergency.
Coping  mechanisms to avoid diabetes burnout
This blog post was requested by one of my very close diabuddies! I regularly describe myself as on the edge of burnout, because ever since I came out of my 10 year burnout and started my journey from diabad to diabadass I vowed never to let myself slip...