Type 1 on 1 Podcast

Type 1 on 1 Podcast

Type 1 on 1 Podcast: The impact of miscarriage and building a business from diabetes


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Claire, the fabulous founder of @_organising.chaos which sells products and accessories to help people decorate their diabetes is this week's Type 1 on 1 podcast guest. The clinical and crappy stuff that comes with your diabetes kit just doesn’t cut it sometimes you know?

Claire spoke to me about her journey from “diabad to diabadass”, which has spanned some 23 years. We chat about ALL THE THINGS including the 10 year period in which Claire decided she no longer had diabetes and barely took her insulin, relearning what it means to live with type 1, finding the online community, diabetes technology, how gross diabetic chocolate really is, dealing with sh*tty employers and ultimately how her toughest challenges prompted the start of a thriving business based on the very illness she refused to acknowledge for so long. Claire also speaks openly about her two miscarriages and how her diabetes affected - and was affected by - her experience.

The best chats are the ones where you forget you’re even recording a podcast, so thanks to Claire for being so real and inspiring. Diabadass is right! 💛