Would you check your blood glucose 288 times a day?

Would you check your blood glucose 288 times a day?

I regularly get messages asking about CGMs, the MiaoMiao and especially being able to see  your blood glucose on your watch.

I usually direct people to my blog post about the MiaoMiao as I've tried to collate the frequently asked questions that I get but I'm always happy to answer any other questions that people have.

The other day a girl DMd me after I shared a post of my blood glucose on my watch and after talking she said "the diabetes world can be overwhelming". As a seasoned CGM (continuous glucose monitor) user I am used to seeing my numbers 24/7 but this statement made me remember how overwhelming having a CGM used to be and how much it affected my mental health in the early days. Yes, being able to see your numbers is amazing! Yes, it can improve your blood sugars! But  it doesn't necessarily come  without cost!

When I started using the Freestyle Libre I became completely obsessed with seeing my numbers and quite quickly upgraded to Dexcom which allowed me access to my blood glucose every 5 minutes of the day. That's 288 readings. Imagine finger pricking that many times and imagine digesting all that data! I developed extreme Hyper Anxiety and would Rage Bolus frequently! I kept my range like a non-diabetic between 3.8mmol and 5 (what is also recommended in pregnancy). It was exhausting and really took a toll on my mental health.

When I began my CGM journey it was self funded and independent of my diabetes team so I had no support. Getting a CGM on the NHS was illusive and only available to those with extreme hypo unawareness. Now that the FSL is widely distributed and with devices like the MiaoMiao, having a CGM has become more accessible but sadly unregulated and quite often unsupported by diabetes teams here in the UK.

Whilst I couldn't live without a CGM now and have become reliant on it to manage my diabetes. Even more so now that I am a looping (using an artificial pancreas) I think having a CGM requires careful consideration and you should always consult your team before making the step no matter how enticing it is to see your blood glucose on your watch!

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