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Diabetes Blog

Looping with Android APS (AAPS)
One of the most common questions I get about Looping is - "What is it" - and honestly I didn't know it even existed until I joined the Diabetes Online Community.
Coping  mechanisms to avoid diabetes burnout
This blog post was requested by one of my very close diabuddies! I regularly describe myself as on the edge of burnout, because ever since I came out of my 10 year burnout and started my journey from diabad to diabadass I vowed never to let myself slip...
Type 1 on 1 Podcast
Type 1 on 1 Podcast: The impact of miscarriage and building a business from diabetes
Blood Glucose Conversion Chart mmol/ mg/dL
Ever wondered why you see diabetics in other countries measuring their blood glucose using different numbers? Here in the UK we measure our blood sugars in mmol/L but in some countries they measure in mg/dL.
Would you check your blood glucose 288 times a day?
I regularly get messages asking about CGMs, the MiaoMiao and especially being able to see  your blood glucose on your watch.