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Diabetes Blog

What I love about the Dana rs insulin pump... (Jan 2020)
I never wanted a tubed pump but because I didn't have a great experience with the Omnipod (read here) I needed to find a pump that better suited me. After attending their bloggers event in Berlin in 2018, I really wanted the Kaleido, but I had already...
The Omnipod is a great pump, just not great for me! (Dec 2019)
If you follow me on Instagram, you may already know, growing up I was taught to believe that pumps were for bad diabetics. My doctor used to threaten he would put me on a pump if I didn't get my diabetes under control. As a kid/teenager, I couldn't think...
"You May End Up Losing Your Sight!" (Oct 2019)
I remember my scary diabetic consultant as a kid hammering the risk of diabetic complications so hard into my brain that I figured it was inevitable that I would lose a limb, my sight or my life from diabetic complications. But when I reached my teenage...
Travelling with type one diabetes can take a little bit more preparation and for some can be quite a daunting experience. So I thought I would share a few of my diabetes travel essentials.
Diabetes at the airport
Do you get nervous travelling with type one diabetes? Because let me tell you even after having diabetes for over 25 years and travelling all over the world, I still get anxious queuing up at security with all my diabetic supplies. And since getting...