Diabetes Blog

Owning Your Diabetes Tech with Confidence
In a world that sometimes stares, I've learned that my diabetes tech isn't something to hide – it's a badge of strength.
HbA1c Conversion Chart
I still can't get used to the new double digit numbers! Any other diabetic veterans need a conversion chart like me?
Featured in Pick Me Up January Special
We are proud to be featured again in Pick Me Up Magazines' January Special. You can check out the full article below about my diabetes journey, how I went from neglecting my diabetes to accepting it and turning it into Organising Chaos
Dia-Bee-tes Collection
We are beyond thrilled to share the buzzworthy news with you – our brand new Dia-Bee-Tes Collection is here, and it's nothing short of sweetness and style! πŸ―πŸ’–
My Diabetes Skincare
Ever wondered what goes into my diabetic site skincare routine? Today, I'm spilling the beans on my go-to products that keep my sites happy and healthy. πŸ’–