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Chasing Unicorns - Freestyle Libre Sticker Sensor Cover

Chasing Unicorns Freestyle Libre Sensor Cover - OC x ETC

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Decorate your device with this unicorn and rainbows design. 

We are forever chasing unicorns as diabetics. Unicorns refer to magical diabetic moments like when we get a great blood sugar (5.5mmol or 100mg), finger prick match our CGMs or when we have just had amazing shoogs all day! 

Organising Chaos has teamed up with ETC to bring you a unique collection of diabetic device stickers.

Refresh your Freestyle Libre Sensor with this fun vinyl sticker. This sticker is specially designed for the Freestyle Libre.  It is made from durable vinyl, easy to install and water resistant, easy to remove without leaving a residue on your device. 

Matching handheld sticker available here.
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