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Type One Diabetic Sunflower Medical Alert Enamel Pin

Fighting Invisible Battles Enamel Pin

Only  40 left in stock!

Whatever invisible battle you may be fighting whether its type one diabetes or type two, depression, anxiety, PCOS, chronic fatigue/ME, endrometriosis, infertility, multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, or many more, you can wear this pin as a reminder of the warrior you are!

Living with an invisible illness is like a full time job except you don't get paid, get time off and you can never quit!

Wear this pin with pride to show your strength and determination to live your best life no matter what it throws your way.

Colours - pink, orange, blue and white 
High quality enamel pin with 2 metal clutch fastening on the back.
All pins come on  patterned backing card that can be cut as a motivational keepsake
Approx. 30mm
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