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OUT OF STOCK NOTICE: Due to the popularity the Lucky Dia-Dip is empty and we are currently holding off refilling whilst we catch up with plays and social media shares! Add your email to the listing to notified when it's ready to play again or join OC Club - click here!

Take your chance with a Lucky Dia-Dip! The balls  are filled with goodies worth up to £25!

Some things the balls contain:

  • Sold out Limited Edition Products
  • Bundles 
  • Limited Edition Enamel Pins & Keychains
  • A Organising Chaos Kitbag
  • OC Style Mugs
  • Gift cards to spend in store

Bright Pink Balls contain Type One specific products, so please ensure you let us know if you're type one diabetic or not (using the drop down box). Your prize will be re-drawn if you get a pink and aren't type one.

All balls contain prizes that are worth at least £5.50 but most are worth more!

Draws are final and you are unable to exchange your prize. If you select for your draw to be shared on social media, please allow a little while until the post is uploaded - it can take a little while especially during busy periods

Follow the Lucky Dia-Dip Journey here


Organising Chaos
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Lucky Dia-Dip

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