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The highs and lows of diabetes

Organising Chaos Mystery Box
#insulin4all decorate your diabetes with insulin vial stickers supporting t1international
Type One Diabetic heart sticker being held by hand with Apple Smart watch with a Type One Diabetes medical alert watch sleeve

Medical Alerts

Wear your diabetes with pride!


Decorate your Device

Decorate your diabetic devices with our range of device stickers and CGM adhesives!

Freestyle Libre reader diabetic device sticker cover with sloth "lazier than my pancreas" design
Diabetes medical alert zipper pull
Fighting Invisible Battles enamel pin representing invisible and chronic illnesses pinned onto white collar with pink jumper

Wear your diabetes with pride!

Diabetic Accessories

Organising chaos is a diabetes brand selling diabetic accessories to decorate your diabetes. Living through the diabetic highs and lows can be hard work but who said it needs to look clinical? Our diabetes accessories aim to make it look fabulous. Organising Chaos offers unique diabetes related products with some doubling up as medical alerts to let emergency services know your diabetic. Decorate your devices with Freestyle Libre covers and Dexcom patchesHypo-Pots to carry treatments for hypoglycemia, diabetic button badges to wear on your work lanyard (or invisible illness lanyard at the airport), diabetes enamel pins to pin on your diabetes kitbag, zipper pulls to clip to your diabetic supplies, unique fashionable medical alert jewellery and wear your diabetes with pride with diabetic apparel including tees and hats.


"I've had type one diabetes for over 22 years. A few years ago, after 10 years of severe diabetic burnout, I decided to take back control. I found the diabetic online community on Instagram and decided to create a diabetic blog to share my journey from Dia-Bad to Diabadass! I was so excited when I started to see accessories all over the world specifically designed for people with type one diabetes and realised we really needed cute accessories to decorate our diabetic supplies here in the UK."

Claire, Organising Chaos founder, Diabetic Level 22

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